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Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song about a girl I was dating and how I would try everything possible on my end to make her happy. When I didnt feel the love on her part as strong as it once was these are the lyrics I wrote. I wanted to back the lyrics up with soothing, erotic music.

Song Description

This song is about trying to make a relationship work and all the emotions you feel when its gone on the other end.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing, Heartbreaking Subject Searching for Love, Heartbreak
Similar Artists Depeche Mode, Massive Attack Language English
Era 2000 and later


Your lips melted in mine and poisoned every part of me
You look so precious when Im weak...
I know that you feel the fear when you touch my face
Of my craving pushing you away in arms of undertow....
Now nothing makes sense, nothing seems to fit..
Should i throw up your love or choke on it?
Should i run? Should i hide?
Should i try to ease your mind after what you've done to mine?
Security in the mist of your warm embrace.... I need more...
Cus, Im too tired I cant sleep.... I'm too hungry I wont eat...
My heart is broke, It will not beat.... I need you next to me..
I can still feel you, you are still inside...
Can I get just a little bit more?
I can still feel you, you are still inside...

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