Run Away

Song Description

Pop rock

Song Length 5:06 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Lost in a foreign land and you still call it home
Snow falling on your head, but you feel so warm
And as you dream yourself to sleep you think you?re happy
How you keep kissing all the pain is a genuine mystery

Run away, return to the land of the living
Fly away before your wounded heart stops beating
Run away, escape from what you?ve been
Fly away and fall into my arms

Muddy faced eating off the ground, you say it?s delicious
A couple pennies left to spend and you claim that you?re rich
But you?ve been thinking for awhile that home is just around the corner
You?ve been wishing for awhile just to rest on my shoulder

I am wanting uncover all the stains left from your tears
I am longing to recover all your hopes from all your fears
I am crashing into your pain, I am grieving with your soul
I am waiting here on my knees, waiting for you to come home

Lyrics Andre Rodriguez Music Andre Rodriguez
Producer Andre Rodriguez and Luke Fredrickson Publisher none
Label none

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