Do I Love You-demo

Story Behind The Song

I have friends who play guitar. They weren't around when I played this.

Song Description

I need to start doing that thing where they punch vocals in...

Song Length 2:21 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Do I Love You
words and music by Amy Kuzio
copyright 2004

Half of me is empty and the rest is just plain gone
I'll tell you all about it in the words to another song
I see the strength, I know the will, Are you gonna make that bet?
Sometimes you gotta learn to take a little less
And do I love you?
Haven't made my mind up yet.

See, I like my living easy and I do my living well
If you'd like to take a ride with me- take your chances now
Get your ticket- get a seat, cause this ride's about to start
Be careful don't point that thing right at my heart
And do I love you?
Well things look good so far

Now apathy's a friend to me and a friend I'll always use
When you gotta make your choices- when you gotta learn to choose
If I, had to find another way- a way to get this done
If I, had my last chance
I'd turn and run

Good luck, now I think I'm stuck and I think I can't get out
I try to turn the page and I only scream and
Shout above the noise but I don't know just what I'm
shouting about
And do I love you
Sometimes I do
-without a doubt

Lyrics Amy Kuzio Music Amy Kuzio
Performance Amy Kuzio
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