Story Behind The Song

Written when I was working long hours in a job I didn't enjoy with an annoying boss. I was always thinking about getting out and pursuing a carreer in music.

Song Description

About wanting a holiday from a job that you don't like.

Song Length 2:53 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Anxious
Subject General Similar Artists Green Day
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
I'll work my fingers to the bone,
But when I'm done I'm going home,
This job just isn't righ for me,
Duress is not what I need.
Another day just like the last,
One year is gone and in the past,
A time I rather would forget,
'll leave but not just yet.

All I want is a holiday,
But I'll keep this up,
until I get paid.
I'm gunna leave this place,
And I won't look back,
I'll move on with life,
Now I'm done with that.

Verse 2:
They say time flies when having fun,
Count down the hours 12 to 1,
It seems to take eternity,
Theres somewhere else that I could be.
I made another big mistake,
It doesn't matter anyway,
Hes quick to tell me when I'm wrong,
It just goes on and on.

Maybe this seems like a long shot,
Maybe theres something that I forgot.
Or maybe I think that I'm right when I'm not,
Maybe this seems like a long shot,

Lyrics Ken Pratten Music Ken Pratten
Producer Ken Pratten Performance Ken Pratten, Dave Murray

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