The Pace

Song Length 3:50 Genre Pop - Rock


I feel the sense a whisper in the words of what's to come
It makes my senses shiver and it sends my body numb
Am I just a mystery a placement in the night
I pray to my angel that she shines my path out bright

As I sing on...
As I sing on...

'Cause I feel it when I stare to my toes
And I know this life can´t ever last so long
And it burns me when the feeling grows
And I know this world won't wait around for so long
Hold hard....

Am I just a writer of the passwords I define?
Or is a flower growing in my future garden's time
I feel like I am dancing between memories' rigid steps
I´ll add it to the list of pointless secrets that I've kept

I as sing on....

I as sing on....

Lyrics Joe Smith Music Joe Smith
Producer All Edges Publisher All Edges
Performance All Edges Label All Edges
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The LovePops Love Pop 6/12/2013
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