Thanks to the Man

Story Behind The Song

The Global love crisis

Song Description

a topical tale of woe in these days days of the bankers and the men in suits having the last call on all of us. Bailing out GM indeed!

Song Length 2:45 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Outraged, Uptight
Subject Capitalism, Other Similar Artists Jim Croce, Garth Brooks
Language English Era 2000 and later


I don't know much about money
only the things I been told
I'm hoping I'll get my hands on a pile
before the blood in my body is cold

some men are born to be rich men
others are born to be poor
seems I was born to be one grain of corn away from the dole-house door

I don't know much about women
they speak a language I don't understand
romantic art and affairs of the heart are outside of the grasp of my hand

some men are born to be playboys
me I got nowhere to play
I don't have me nobody to love me
to take these blues away

once I had money, once I had a girl
I even had me a small piece of ground
I had my eye on a piece of the pie when there was plenty of pie to go round

they say all men are born equal
and for that we got heaven to thank
now I got something that's equal to nothing and that's thanks to the man
thanks to the man
thanks to the man who shut down all my plans
thanks to the man at the bank

Lyrics Alex Legg Music Alex Legg
Producer Alex Legg/Andy Cowan Publisher Alex Legg APRA
Performance Gavan Anderson, Banjo; Andy Baylor, Fiddle; David Hicks, Drums, Howard Cairns, Dbl Bass, Alex Legg, guitar and vocals Label Alex Legg

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