Last One Standing

Story Behind The Song

I had a purple patch for writing recently and bombarded George with about 8 or 9 songs; this is another one of them!!

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations Era 2000 and later


Somebody help us
Cos we're going there again
The place where good intentions
Always seem to end

Takin cover
When the shadows take the light
Cos once we're there
All we do is fight

Here we go again
Drawing out our lines of battle
In the sands of time
Here we go again
Tryin to be the last one standing
The last one left alive
The last one left alive

Drowning in sorrow
Cos we've been there before
The place where apologies end
With the slammin' of the door

Takin chances
When the sun blinds your eyes
Cos what we need
Is to make it right

Lyrics Adam Maxfield Music Adam Maxfield/George Selsky
Producer George Selsky Publisher Sentric
Performance Adam Maxfield/George Selsky
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