Halfway To You

Song Length 3:45 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Amiable Subject Making Up, Lost Love
Similar Artists Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney Language English
Era 2000 and later


Adam Avery & Claire Ulanoff

Another Monday morning in the middle of a cold December
Bottles piled up in the sink from the night before
I can still see your tremblin' lips, I can still remember
How you whispered "I can't do this anymore"

You couldn't live on dreams and lies
Go on pretending we were fine
I lost my way, then I lost your heart
But I'm on the road to where you are... and

I'm halfway to you
Got the wind at my back
And love as my road map
I'm gnna be the man you need
Can you trust me again?
I'm changing every day
Gaining ground along the way
I got some catching up to do
But I'm halfway to you

When you left I got me a two bit flat in Memphis
I put the bottle down haven't picked it up again
Well the biggest fool in town finally learned his lesson
Girl, I wish that I had listened, way back then

Been working hard to clean things up
Trying to be worthy of your love
I live on hope, I walk on prayers
Step by step I'm getting there... and

I'm halfway to you
Got the wind at my back
And love as my road map
I'm gonna be the man you need
Can you trust me again
I'm changing every day
Gaining ground along the way
I got some catching up to do
But I'm halfway to you

Will you wait for me?
Cause I'm halfway to you...

I love the imagery and action in your lyrics...great hook and great use of the hook...Love the vocal...very professional broadcast ready...great arrangement...love the bare bones first verse and the way it builds and builds...great harmony...very catchy and memorable chorus...A+ on every aspect...I'd sign this song in a heartbeat for movies, television and to pitch to artists...this is a winner

Now that's what I'm talking about a heck of a song! Awesome structure and a Hook!!!!!!!!!!

Lyrics Adam Avery & Claire Ulanoff Music Adam Avery
Producer Bruce Michael Miller Performance Ron Wallace
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