Song Length 3:20 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - Electro
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, General Era 2000 and later


By Amanda Delara, Adam Avery, Tim Kellett & Dante Leon

It was all at once
He was pointing at me with his smoking gun
It's not like he's choosing too
He's different shades of blue
But if he only knew
I wonder should I tell him
But it's dangerous
It's all a mess
He keeps repeating, reminding me that he has no trust
But it never gets to me
I didn't get in to leave
He doesn't want to believe
So for now I tell him

Chase, I'll run faster
Shoot and you'll miss cause I'm born to survive
I'll run past ya, I'll run past ya, outlast ya, outlast ya

Classic case
Of give no take
Starting to think we are a big mistake
When we get through this
There will be no problem
Cause when we're good we're golden
I'm sure I told him
Must be more
We'll fix this flaw
Breaking this down we've been through worse before
When the nights get colder
I can be his soldier
He will have my shoulder
That's why I tell him

CHORUS (2x's)

Some sins they vanish quicker
With this gold and silver liqueur
So pour me some more of this sweetness
Cause I feel so pure
But go on and...


Lyrics Amanda Delara Nikman, Tim Kellett, Adam Avery Music Amanda Delara Nikman, Tim Kellett, Adam Avery & Dante Leon
Producer Dante Leon Performance Amanda Delara
Label GROW Records
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Clean Clean

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