The Show

Story Behind The Song

A carnival clown lures you into his tent..

Song Description

Delightfully diabolical, dark and happy.

Song Length 3:12 Genre Rock - General


Ladies and gentlemen, step right this way. See our snake woman, see our strongman, and see our clown, who's got the greatest show on earth!
Don't be afraid, come out and play... I'll show you my thing!
Step into the darkness in my mind.. I'll hypnotize you!
I'll steal your breath, I'll keep the rest, there's no escaping!
Listen to your heart, I'll show you mine, and steal away you!
The show must go on!
Listen to the dark and speak your mind, but leave the lies be..
Step into the darkness in my mind!
The show must go on!

The Show does not sound like everything else, and that says a lot right there. Bouncy fun rarely mixes with dark and disturbing, yet that's what Yourself and Others has achieved here. Boasting both atmosphere and driving groove, The Show bears up to listening over and over again. I now know that myself and others enjoy Yourself and Others!

Lyrics Eric Sutter Performance Eric Sutter

The Show

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