Shady Lane

Story Behind The Song

I was tired of hearing about all the bad news all of the time from the stupid media

Song Description

Take a look at the nice things that are possible

Song Length 2:35 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Glad Subject Imagination, Celebration
Language English


Shady Lane
(R. Wuagneux)
Shady lane's a callin the whisper's in the trees
it's the kind of place where all the people say please
There's no charge for admission Everything is for free
the sidewalks and the park are all free from debris

We don't grow in population we just change our names
we ain't got no courts cause we all accept the blame
Well we 're a sharing our dreams and we're a sharing our stash
and in the nearby creek we all do splash
we don't dig French fries just country mashed
our laughter and our songs are our ready cash
when we roll our dice its always seven come eleven
the food we grow tastes like manna from Heaven
It's down to Shady Lane that's where the real life's born.

What we're taking from the ground we always put back
it's 300 miles to the nearest railroad track
when one of us is down the other picks up the slack
we're rainbow people red, yellow, white, and black
Well strangers have come and strangers have gone
but we don't compete to see who has the best lawn.
It's down to Shady lane
that's where the real life's born

Nice retro-vibe on this tune. Sax leads and fills were great! Skilled rhythm guitar track! The vocal quality was just right for this piece. The overall mix was very good, as-well-as the recording quality.

nice shuffle tempo and boogie feel and groove. Cabaret feel with the clarinet, which I love the sound of. Good solid groove and great lyrics make this song really jump. Very nice indeed. I really enjoyed this track it was a pleaser to review it. Great work.

Unique and witty piece with a cool message and a really vibrant feel. Really good instrumentation, especially the horn solo.

love the solo instruments, not sure of who reminds me of as i don't listen to this genre a lot. Very good musicians, very tight presentation. Bright cheery, would do well in a movie setting, thinking Jim Carey in a family comedy.

Nice vocal, in tune. Awesome clarinet solo, great player. Clear recording.

The comparisons are obvious to me--Stray Cats/Brian Setzer. Great music and nice choice of of instrumentation to complement the arrangement! This was a fun listen!

Love the soprano sax, very nicely played jump swing blues. I could see this on something like " Prairie Home Companion " by Garrison Keillor, very down home feel.

Excellent musical performances from all the musicians. Really enjoyed the soloing too. This piece feels like a throw back to the 1950s blues jazz rock but with the sheen of current acts like the Big Bad Vodoo Daddies or Cherry Poppin daddies. Could definitely see this placed in a commercial.

i really enjoyed this jazzy blues track, fun track. enjoyed the sax solo is it. cool ending. fun

real toe-tappin', knee-slappin', N'Orleans-style ragtime blues. dig the heck outta the clarinet. added some authentic flavor to some very clever lyrics. Vocal was spot on with great pitch and just enough vibrato. CHEERS!

Love it! Tells a great story and paints a great picture. Witty lyrics too. Was cued up in Classic R&B but it could fit several other genres as well.

really well put together, professional quality song! sounds like you've probably already got a paying musical career happening! feel good, put-a-smile-on-your-face music.

I really enjoy the clarinet (or is that Soprano Sax?) off the bat giving this tune a nice texture! Having that color instrument there really makes the song - without it, I may not have listened long. I like the strong vocal and simple instrumentation but this song could easily be made into a Big Band song with a full horn section!

I don't know what to say. It's OK.

up tempo feel,, i like it

really well done from start to finish! Great lyrics, awesome vocals, excellent instrumentation - especially the licorice stick. Nice job!

Very cool track ......really good vocal and great sax......

Lyrics Robert Wuagneux Music Robert Wuagneux
Producer Robert Wuagneux Publisher Robert Wuagneux
Performance Robert Wuagneux Label Independent
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