Light and Dark

Story Behind The Song

Racial prejudice.

Song Description

People need to face their fears and prejudices and learn to live alongside one another in peace.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Cool Subject Light, Darkness
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, The Alan Parsons Project Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



Some want to fly into the light of the sun
Turn away from the crowds
I'm gonna soar like a raven in and out of the clouds
In and out of the clouds

I wanna sing with the dolphins
As I dance with the sharks
Follow the saints and the sinners
Mix the light with the dark
Mix the light with dark

We're all busy searching for a way out of the night
Scratching and crawling toward the light
Running from shadows as we're waltzing down the lane
Thinking they're shooters taking aim
Turning a blind eye to the game

As I climb up the Mountain
In the fall of my life
I can't help but remember
What the summer was like
What the summer was like
Gotta mix the dark and the light

Lyrics Thom Stanley Music Thom Stanley
Producer Thom Stanley Publisher Thom Stanley

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