Time and Money

Story Behind The Song

well, he still had his house,car and job, and some sanity, which is better than in some divorces..

Song Description

True story about meeting someone and she took everything and gave him a great story to tell....

Song Length 2:40 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Disconcerted
Subject Bad Love Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Toby Keith
Language English Era 2000 and later


Stella strolled inside those swingin doors
every eye was on her face
but it must have been my bad luck
next to me was an open space
she looked at me with those big brown eyes
kinda like those Bay-Watch babes
said I'll help you boy learn this in spades
my eyes are up here on my face

she said I'll save you time and money
we're ain't going to your place
you need to believe me honey
I'll help you learn from your mistakes

I woke up on the bathroom floor
blood shot eyes filled my face
lipstick on the mirror said
don't leave right away
your credit cards are all maxed out
your ATM is empty too
your dog's in the pound I'm on a Greyhound
but this is what I'll do

she said I'll save you time and money
honey you ain't at your place
you need to believe me honey
cops'll help you learn 'bout your mistakes

When it comes to time and money
divorce cost lots more than this
you need to believe me honey
I don't remember being kissed.
I just lost time and money
and pulled it off without gettin' hitched

Lyrics Terry LaMont Music Terry LaMont/Kenny Daniels
Producer Terry LaMont/Kenny Daniels Publisher Section Ate Music
Performance Terry LaMont/Kenny Daniels Label Section Ate Music

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