Farewell Dachau

Story Behind The Song

A few years ago, I encountered a small article entitled ?The Myth of the Holocaust?. This article in essence denied the existence of the Holocaust and suggested that the many photographs and footage of the Holocaust were pieces of anti - Nazi war propaga

Song Description

Farewell Dachau takes the listener on a journey. The listener boards a train and embarks on an inner journey to the concentration camp at Dachau. I choose Dachau for several reasons. Dachau was the first of the concentration camps to be built in1933 a

Song Length 7:46 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Electronic - General
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject World
Language English


Farewell Dachau
Music and Lyrics by:
Stephen G. Evangelista

Verse 1
The train screamed across the tracks
I heard my baby brother cry, ?Please I want to go back?
I heard my mother say, ?Where is God ? God is gone?.
The train traveled on ? till we arrived at that place
Without a name - only a number - no longer part of the human race?

They took my family ? they took my friend
They took my clothes ? and then?
They lined us up against the wall
Counting by ten ? we met death?s call

We heard our mother?s cry
We saw our children die
We dug our graves by?
The morning light to come,
By the nozzle of a gun,
Will the God above please come?
And stay with us now?
By the gallows of Dachau

Verse 2
We worked till day was night
We lost all sense of time
Our faces so pale ? so white
The chamber ceilings we would climb

Our throats ? they were so dry
We only drank the tears we cried
We never knew the reasons why?
Food never came our way
We got thinner every day
And only the numbers on our wrists would stay
As we watched the plow
Near the flames of Dachau

Take my blood
Take my flesh away
You?ll never have my soul
God was crying on that day
When they took us all away
On a train, on a train to Dachau

Musical Interlude Schema? (Hebrew)

Verse 3
The fences were so high
Blood stained wires blocked our cry
We never got to say goodbye
To the life we knew before -
All the atrocities we bore
If you could only see and feel what we saw
From the train, in the flames of Dachau

Lyrics Stephen G. Evangelista Music Stephen G. Evangelista
Producer Quirkworks Laboratory Discs Performance Stephen G. Evangelista
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