The Rhyme

Story Behind The Song

i like irish ballads, but have never written one. this was fun to do.

Song Description

pay attention

Song Length 3:04 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Content Subject Desert, Healing
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


The Rhyme (C) 2003 Michael Schutzler

A life doesn?t come with a reason
A life doesn?t promise you time
But if you care to listen
You notice it does have a rhyme

Our mothers give birth to our angels
Our fathers chase devils we find
And as we march toward their dreams
Our footsteps mark out the time

A carpenter hammers each nail a verse
A doctor whispers his lines
Stargazers marvel how planets align
And farmers pick fruit off the vine

A soldier crouches in the night
Prays that he?ll see the dawn
Then bursts into laughter as bullets whiz by
His heartbeat a rhythm sublime

A life doesn?t come with a reason
A life doesn?t promise you time
But if you carefully listen
You'll almost make out a rhyme

A marriage takes flight on a promise
Then crashes to earth with a crime
The start and the finish each mark a beat
And quickens the pace of the rhyme

Our children?s eyes are filled with hope
Looking to heaven for signs
Then one day they notice the sun hides its face
But always eventually shines

As they carry your coffin toward the grave
The world becomes very still
Each tear that falls sounds the beat
And begs us all to keep time

Lyrics Michael Schutzler Music Michael Schutzler
Producer Michael Schutzler Publisher Michael Schutzler
Performance Michael Schutzler Label NA

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