Much too much (Rock)

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Much to much

Verse 1
Well, we had a lot of lovin' when we met and got together
Yeah, we had a lot of fun you and I
And I thought that it would last forever never thought about the time we'd hit the finish line
Bridge 1
And I don't see how we ended up this way, but you gotta know
I'm waiting by the phone
I wanna tell you that I want you
Never knew you filled the space within my heart
Should've shown you that I need you
Cos I can't bare to live my life apart
Don't you know how much I've missed you
Since the moment that you walked right out the door
Now I'm saying that I love you, much too much
much too much
Verse 2
So now I'm sittin' here on my own and thinking about the times when we were doing alright
We had all we ever wanted so it's hard for me to understand why it turned into a fight
Bridge 2
And I don't know if it will ever be the same, but you gotta know
I'm waiting by the phone

© Copyright worldwide December 21st 2011 all rights reserved

Lyrics Raymond Fry & Ulf Andersson Music Ulf Andersson
Producer Ulf Andersson Publisher Self
Performance Ulf Andersson Label Midas King

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