Magic of Music

Song Description

The exhilaration that comes from the inspiration of writing a song and the wonderful feelings that follow.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Folk - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Joy


Verse 1

There's no smile on your face
and you're stuck in that same old place
and you feel the cold wind sting
There's a lump in your throat
and you're starting to choke
on the words you long to sing
You're lost and confused in yesterday's blues
your life is just a blur
Wondering aimlessly, oh so painfully
when are you going to learn


Just wear your heart on your sleeve
let your feelings go free,
just throw them off into the wind
With the magic of music, there's a song if you choose it,
that can fill your spirit up to the brim

Verse 2

There's a song that you almost hear
a rhythm that's just not clear,
as you're almost falling awake
Is it the church bells ringing,
or the songbird singing in the tree behind the lake
There's something inside of you, deep down inside, you just can't let it go.
A flower that's got to bloom,
a butterfly in the cocoon,
when is it going to show

Repeat Chorus


It's the magic of music, it's there if you choose it
It's the magic of music, it's there if you choose it

Verse 3

Then you pick up that old guitar,
and you close your eyes oh so hard
and you fall into a trance
And you don't know just where you are
not even who you are
and your fingers start to dance
In a moment of clarity
blissful rarity
the song is born at last
that heavenly music
you just can't lose it
has finally come to pass

Alternate Chorus

Just wear your heart on your sleeve
now you finally believe
just throw it all into the wind
With the magic of music, there's a song if you choose it
that can fill your spirit up to the brim

Repeat Bridge

What an engaging song and artist! Sometimes you hear a song and you feel like you've made a friend with the one who is singing it to you. This is one of those special tunes! The artist's descriptive powers are right on describing the "problem" and the solution. Great lyrics and phrasing, pretty melody and nice guitar picking. Background music production is like the icing on the cake, providing a nice touch. Catchy hook. Vocal is crystal clear.

Excellent guitar tracks! The lyric phrasing is very good. A real up-beat song. 'Well constructed piece.

Nice gentle rolling song with an easy melody line and exactly the right blend of backing, leaving the acoustic guitar where it should be, up front. I particularly liked the electric piano sitting back in the mix. Thanks.

No comment

Utterly beautiful guitar intro and guitar arrangement throughout. I really like the 'Magic of Music' idea and overall the lyrics are great. I love the vocal, it reminds me of Kings of Convenience (see below). The introduction of the electric piano is inspired. A genuinely lovely song.

Indeed the Magic of Music. Pleasant song well sung. A good listen for a lazy day.

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance Randall Mark
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Jeana Marie Potthoff Easy Listening 9/4/2020

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