Little Bird (KaytLynn)

Story Behind The Song

remake of Little Bird, with KaytLynn Skai at the vocals. My producer Wolfgang had some fun with this, with some sound effects of birds, and it grew into a full band style song.

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Contemporary


Verse 1

What you see is what you get
in this evil world that times forgets
It's dog eat dog, the mean survive with no regrets
Some will come and some will go
to distant lands with dark shadows
destined to fall deep into the abyss below

Chorus 1

But are you holding on to a rope that's tied
to nothing else on the other side
Are you gonna fly, go fly away
back to tomorrow or to yesterday

Verse 2

Little bird I think you know
through winters, famine, rain and snow
the secrets of the heavens and earth below
Little bird, can't you see
I'm just like you and you're like me
We sing our song in solidarity

Repeat Chorus 1


Just come on, little bird, come down from the tree
Just come along, little bird, come sing your song with me

Verse 3

But were you born to run or were you born to fight
Don't be that sacrificial lamb tonight
Just kick and scratch, and scream with all your might
The canary stuck in the coal mine
It's not your fate, not your time
Your destination, freedom, yours and mine

Chorus 2

But do the tears of sunshine fill your eyes
and you just can't see those rainbow skies
Are you gonna fly, go fly away
back to tomorrow or to yesterday

pleasant song, well performed, liked the tweeting

I like the sound on the guitars, sweet. Song moves along nicely through its changes. Liking the melody and over all feel of the song. Singers voice is very pleasing. Very well thought out and damn good song writing. A classic folk song with a modern feel. Very well done.

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance KaytLynn Skai-vocals, Randall Mark-guitar, Wolfgang Grasekamp-keyboards, other music
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