Facebook Addict

Story Behind The Song

I started spending a bit too much time on FB and I thought about the parallels between a FB addict and other addictions and thought that it may make an amusing and interesting song.

Song Description

Amusing story of a narcissistic individual with an absurd addiction to Facebook, and the attention it brings him.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed Subject Addiction, Comedy, Funny
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1

I was born and raised in a normal loving family
But I needed my fix and I needed it so badly
Heroin, cocaine, meth they all bored me
But when I got my first hit on Facebook it nearly floored me!


Now I'm a Facebook addict I wake up in the night, to put up my posts, and count up my likes
I'm a Facebook addict and it gives me a smile, but I can't face the truth cause I'm deep in denial

Verse 2

Well my family and friends they all threw me an intervention
the shrink was there and my high school teacher from detention
I pretended to listen, I faked I was paying attention
But late that night I just went onto Facebook and unfriended them!

Alternate Verse

Cause I'm a Facebook addict I wake up in the night, to put up my posts, and count up my likes
I'm a Facebook addict and it gives me a smile, but I can't face the truth cause I'm deep in denial
I'm a Facebook addict and I'm high as a kite, when I see all the comments I'm in the limelight
I'm a Facebook addict and it gives me a smile, but I can't face the truth cause I'm deep in denial


Every place that I go, every thing that I do
Even blowing my nose is some Facebook news!
I lost my job, they took away my phone, I'm desperate and poor and I'm all alone
So I pawned my gold watch, I robbed a liquor store, I had sex for a cell phone
Now I'm a Facebook whore!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Well I lost my wife, I lost my kids, my whole family
Even my golden retriever, she looks at my so sadly
They threw me into rehab, a twelve step program gonna save me
but when I snuck out the window, the security guard tased me!

Repeat Alternate Chorus

Neat idea for a song. Really speaks to our current society. I like the verse music!

Love it can totally relate the lyrics are perfect for all of the social media addicts of the world. Unique and relevant love the suspense of the song great job

Nice simple guitar intro. Good contrast of minimalistic instrumentation with effective additional instruments mixed in. Interesting " tongue in cheek" ballad; there is some truth here! Good quality recording; all parts were mixed well.

This is an unconventional subject.........but its good......

Randall Mark's dark humor will make you laugh at yourself and give your starved brain food for thought all at the same time. "Different" "Unique" "Outrageously entertaining" are a few words that hit the "Mark"

"Facebook Addict" is a (sad but) funny story about a guy who has literally given in to his addiction and lost everything he cares about in order to satisfy it. It might be a little too close for comfort for some folks, but it does a good job of capturing the power of addiction and taking it to the extreme of what could be possible within the human psyche.

At first I thought this was a song about a drug addict, but quickly and humorously the tide turned and I realized I was hearing the funniest song ever about Facebook addiction. It has a bell-ringing truth to it! There are many people stuck in this addiction and this song exposes it all in a very original manner. Love some of these rhymes (saved me/tased me) and the line about the golden retriever is a crack up. This is a clever writer/artist for sure! Keep the good stuff coming!

This is a funny song, I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously - at least, I hope not! There's definitely a sparkle of originality in the story line - I could see this as a SNL segment, with Fred Armisen as the addict. As a basic demo, this recording is fine.

Clever little tune about the scourge of many of our lives!

The simplicity of the song is quite striking, but it works! It would be neat to have this tune grow as it musically unwinds!! I think the subject matter of the tune, is quite original, hats of to the composer for dealing with a different and unusual topic!!
I hope that the song is just a fictional story and not a true life experience, a tad Sad!!

I love the lyric idea with its tongue-in-cheek yet pertinent message. In fact the lyrics are outstanding. I really like the sentiment. The song is catchy with a strong hook and a great chorus. The song has a sombre, sinister feel which works really well.

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance Randall Mark
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