Petey, the Python

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Buddy hails from Bumfork, PA, where under the guidance of his Uncle Loomis, he learned to raise pets that no one else thought were lovable such as Komodo dragons and geckos (Buddy claims Geico Insurance stole Uncle Loomis' idea to make that gecko a star) At this time, Buddy is serving his sentence in a pen in Pennsylvania, and organizes protests for the sake of those who wish to have "out of the norm pets." Buddy will soon be on Facebook, and is making a YouTube video of this song to promote his cause. Petey was deported to a zoo in Thailand where he lives in solitary confinement.

Song Length 2:28 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Petey, the Python
By Regina Smoler

Petey,the python was a pet to a man named Buddy
Petey, the python made headlines in Kentucky
Cuz he wouldn't eat a donkey like Babalooey
He wouldn't eat a rat like a ratatouille
No, Petey, had to eat Skipper Wilson's puppy.

I'll bet my Petey thought the pup wanted to play
He don't know dogs are gods in the U.S.of A
I sure miss him, I miss him so much
His beady little eyes and his scaly touch

When he was a tot, a slither in my hand
I didn't trust him to no one, he never was bad
I taught him to love all life in this world
Even whiny brats like that Wilson little girl

Petey, the python,was a friend to dear old Buddy
Petey, the python, a furry tail in his mouth so bloody
He wouldn't eat the processed ham baloney
He wouldn't eat the cheese and the macaroni
No, Petey had to eat Skipper Wilson's puppy.

Oh, Petey, why, duh, what's that hump?
I thought somethin' went wrong when you were takin' a dump.
Then Skipper and her Mama let out a wail
And in nuclear flash we're escorted to jail

Now snakes I tell ya' they get a bad rap
But they hug and they hiss, they sit in your lap
Adam and Eve maybe they're to blame
For this here situation, it's a dog gone shame

Petey, the python, was a pet to dear old Buddy
Petey , the python guess they're both unlucky
They're cryin in the pen bah bah hooey
No one understands, it's the world that's screwy
Oh Petey, why'd ya eat, Skipper Wilson's puppy

Lyrics Regina Smoler Music Regina Smoler
Producer Ken and Regina Smoler

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