It's Gonna Get Hot Down There

Song Length 4:09 Genre Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Fuming Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's going to get hot down there In the fires underneath

You came down like a landslide, I'm your alluvial fan
You make me want to stop breathing, cause You're a terrible man
You can't get put away for All the hearts you went and stole
But just wait for the afterlife When the devil burns your soul

I hope to God that in the afterlife The devil burns your soul

I'm walking in a daze Because you're always in my head
You dug me down to bare roots Then you left me for dead
The rain is blowing sideways And the birds can't even land
It's because you're out there somewhere And you're a terrible man

But it's gonna get hot down there In the fires underneath

Your cruelty is endless and Your wickedness is keen
You always go for the soft spot And your stab is fast and mean
Up here you've got your armor like you've got scales in your skin
But once you fall for the long haul You'll be paying for your sins

I hope to God that in the long haul You'll be burning for your sins

Tonight across town I could have sworn I heard you scream
Did the fire singe your ankles Or was it just a dream?
Have you started your descent now Are you clawing at the walls
Trying to slow your soul down As your temperature falls

But it's gonna get hot down there In the fires underneath

I'll know I'm liberated When the sun comes out again
And the birds have started nesting And there's color to my skin
And the air tastes sweeter Without the air you've breathed
But there will be a tiny odor Of something burning from beneath

Ooh It's going to get hot down there In the fires underneath

You'll get so hot down there, in the fires under me

It's so damn hot down there, in the fires underneath

Lyrics Phoebe Blume Music Phoebe Blume
Producer Andrew Machin Publisher Phoebe Blume
Performance Phoebe Blume and Andrew Machin
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