I've Got A Feeling

Song Length 1:43 Genre Jazz - Big Band
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I?ve Got A Feeling
© Penny Towers Wilber & Steve Young

I?ve got a feeling
My heart you?re stealing
My heart is reeling
Right through the ceiling
I?ve got a feeling
That I?ll be dealing
With my heart on my sleeve
Too hard to retrieve
Too good to believe
That you might feel it too.

There must be a reason
Or it?s the season
Why it?s so pleasing
You might be teasing
There must be a reason
Why we?ve been breezing
Along in this bliss
It?s sealed with a kiss
I like it like this
And you might have that feeling too

Once there were shadows
All over the place
Once I didn?t trust
That smile on your face
Now?s there?s music
And the sun?s coming through

I?ve got a feeling
I?ve got a feeling
I?ve got a feeling
It?s true

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber & Steve Young Music Penny Towers Wilber & Steve Young
Performance NightIife Jazz Swing Band
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