Love Hurts More Than You Can Drink

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - General


Young man drags himself from bed
out last night got an achin head
It seems all he ever dose is work
He's got a wife, two little babies
24 and he's already old
god knows he needs some relief
So Friday night he does what he needs
Gets so drunk he falls to his knees
As he cries out

He say's love hurts more than you can drink
love hurts more than you can drink

Hey Sweet Sue How do ya do
I hear the booze is killen you
everydays a party in your life
She had a man, the love of her life
Till she found out he had a wife
Her whole world crashed and burned
So she drnks all day till the sun goes down
keeps on goin she wants to drownd
her happiness is gone in just a wink

She said love hurts more than you can drink
Love hurts more than you can drink

I see my mama sitting home
daddy died she's all alone
all she ever dose is nothin
well she sits around and watches T.V.
goes to bingo and thinks about me
cause I'm the only piece of my daddy that remains

So late at night she dose what she needs
gets so drunk she falls to her knees as she cries out
Love hurts more than you can drink
Love hurts more than you can drink

Lyrics Paul Case Music Paul Case

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