Let's Sing, by Bri

Story Behind The Song

This is a happy song for everyone. This is a Sing-A-Long song. This song sung by Bri is just to show the layout and rhythms for it's potential. This sample song is being recorded by another Artist.

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - General, R & B - Doo Wop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Delightful Subject General, Joy
Similar Artists Mariah Carey, Anita Baker Language English
Era 2000 and later


INTRO: Drumming

Let's sing a song
To those who are wrong
And pray for the strong
Who couldn't last very long

Ah, Let's sing;....Let's sing prays
To people who make easy ways
For the Handicaps to play
Which encourages dismayed

CHORUS: Let's sing
Let's sing a song, yeah
Sho be do be, do be, bop, bop, sho be do be bah bah, bop, bop, bop
Ah, let's sing,
Let's sing; Let's Sing a song, yeah, sho be do be bop, bop, bop, shoo, be do, be, bop, bop,

Let's sing right
For those who have to fight
And to all who try their might
To get along without sight

Let's Sing Jive
To help us feel a vibe
As we try to survive
To keep us alive........CHORUS:

Let's sing - To? Me, You, Them, Mom, Dad
Let's sing - For? Food, Money, Help, a Home
Let's sing - When? Now, Tonight, Today, Forever
Let's sing - How? Loud, Soft, Nice, Right

And let's sing love
For everyone all above
To help give a shove
As the will of a dove

Ah, let's sing, let's sing with joy
To all the girls and boys
That makes enough loud noise
For the real life McCoy CHORUS - Fade - The End.
©Esther C. Mayberry1978

had my toe bouncing up and down

Lively and fun song, like it.

Lyrics Esther Mayberry Music Kevin Jackson, Jr.
Producer Esther Mayberry Publisher Esther Mayberry
Performance Bri Label This Is 4 U-Music

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