missing you

Song Length 4:52 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Instrumental

This is an well done 'easy listening' Rock piece. Love the guitar work. Pro production. Well done

Love that 80"s sound it could be used in the country music realm today. Keep it coming!

That right there is some good piking.......good musicianship.....

Really good and super smooth guitar work, and drum work as well. Great transition just past the two minute mark.

What a smooth listen. Really well done, and the chord progression kept my interest behind the lead. Nice dynamics, clear and clean production too. This is excellent work from start to finish.

Nice guitar work, cool vibe, tone really sounds organic Smokey blue. Drummer is there to support, rocksolid without distracting from the beauty of the tune. Wished it wouldn't end could listen forever. Such good recording nothing to distract or cause you to go what was that.

you have wonderful guitar tones... decent mix but that high hat was so much louder than the rest of the drum mix... bring it down to match and then the bring up that soft pad BG in the middle. you are an accomplished guitarist

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