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Each verse progresses from distant past to recent past to present - each generation of a family telling their story about how they met their significant other. Each is tied together by one thing that changes form overtime yet still accomplishes the same task - Messaging. No matter what technology was used or what era, the key to building Love is communication. Humans have always found a way to send messages to one another. This song is about how each generation used what they had available to build that Love.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - Dance, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Falling in Love, General
Similar Artists Zedd, Calvin Harris Language English
Era 2000 and later



Grandpa told us a story
Una storia d'amore [*Italian for "A Love Story"]
Met a pretty girl a long long time ago
Felt emotions that he didn't know how to show
Found the courage to ask her name
From that point life wouldn't be the same
Conversation till it started to rain
And they had to part ways so she wouldn't miss the train


He couldn't get her out of his head
Didn't wanna get out of his bed
Till he received a letter that said
"I really hope to see you again"
She found his address in a phone phone book
She said "I realize the chance here that I took
But I can't forget the way that I felt
When you gave me your hand
I hope that you..."


Message me
Message me


Momma would you tell us the story
About how you and dad found amore
She looked at us and said "I met him on a chat line
My online name was Pretty_Gurl_So_Fyne"
He hit her up like A/S/L (Age, Sex, & Location)
I need a cutie with brains as well
She said "I'm game but I need to see a face
So upload a pic and maybe I can do the same"


They chatted back and forth all night
Till the darkness turned into light
Eventually she noticed the time and said
"I hope to see you again"
She gave him her email address
And told him how she wanted to become an actress
And instantly in Love they fell and she made him her man
She told him to...


Message me
Message me


I'm sitting here trippin like OMG
These stories sound just like you and me
Like how we used to CTFU all night
I like the way you text me right back every time


Every time you show up on my feed
I hurry up and re-post to let em see
That ain't nobody like you and me
Can't wait to see you again
I check out every selfie that you took
In my mind every photo is a good look
Reminds me of the way that I felt when you saved me as a friend and told me to...


Message me
Message me


Message me now
I wanna see you now...yea
Won't you message me?
Won't you message me?
You're all that I want
More than I need, yea
I don't know what tomorrow will bring
But I know I won't care as long as you message me

Lyrics November47 Music Mprint
Producer Mprint & November47 Performance Mprint & November47

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