Still In Love

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to tell the story of my life with Jade (my wife). When we first met to present day. How much I loved her then and how much more everyday since.

Song Length 2:44 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Loving Marriage
Language English Era 2000 and later


So close yesterday
ya smiled quick when you looked my way
still in love, still in love
I'm still in love...

Lord mercy catch my breath,
ya took it fast just to give it back
still in love,
I'm still in love with you...

Mmmmmmm...Still in love,
I'm still in love with you...

ya stole my heart just to take it away
for yourself on a rainy day..
still in love, still in love...
I'm still in love...

Hugs and kisses at your door...
one by one there's always room for more
Still in love,
I'm still in love with you...


Old and grey add a wrinkle or two...
there's never been any one but you...
still in love, still in love...
I'm still in love...

And all the things I thought I gave away
were given back every single day...
Still in love,
I'm still in love with you...

Still in love,
I'm still in love with you...

Still in love,
I'm still in love with you...


Excellent guitar work intertwined with the mandolin. The vocal has a very unique tone and sound, works well with mid toned instruments. The lyric is simple yet delivers the message clearly and not cliche'd

Very soulful and pretty piece with very pleasing vocals. Instrumentation is ideal for this piece. Instrumental bridge is very good.

Folk serenade. A very atmospheric pleasant track filled with love and dreams.

Nice clear production, can hear the lyrics, THANK YOU! Very nice pleasant vibe, simple instrumentation fits this tune perfectly, as does the vocal...kudos.

Okay, you've got a single. Come to think of it, a pleasant and catchy single. The tune is original, and yes, a good hook. But it also has the quality of being unique. Think of songs like "Longer," "America"(Paul Simon); when you hear the song title, the tune is already playing in your head. In fact, you have a somewhat Paul Simon essence in this tune. The tune has a nice lilt and moves lazily up and down like waves. Nothing to add about the instrumentation, vocals, or studio work. They sound terrific!

This is a very well produced song. The overall quality is excellent. Good build and development, with a pleasant and well-carried theme. The tune is simple, but interesting and easy on the ear.

I really enjoyed this. Very tender with excellent musicianship and a crystal-clean sound. The vocal is sweet and a little breathy. I could easily hear this in a TV or film scene.

Nice and unassuming, almost Dan Fogelberg-ish. Good job overall.

Great lyrics. Nice hook. Arrangement works well the piece sounds very familiar in a good way.

Lyrics Mitch Siegal Music Mitch Siegal
Producer Mitch Siegal Publisher Mitch Siegal
Performance Mitch Siegal Label Mitch Siegal
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