Night of the Zombies

Song Length 3:24 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed


In the dark of a cold November
leaves were blowing in the wind.
And the moon in the sky was an old man's eye
staring down at the condemned.
Things were strange and weird and cruel
it was hard for me to breathe.
The bureaucrats and the infected rats
had unleashed a disease.

Chorus: It's the night of the zombies baby! The living dead!
They find your brains so tasty, better keep them in your head!

I see them shuffling down the street
It's a good thing they can't run.
But i fear this apocalypse
has only just begun.
Their flesh is rotting-their tongues hang out-
their expression is a vacant stare.
And everywhere they go, people scream and shout
It's the opposite of debonair.

They all got their marching orders
They all do what they're told.
Obedience to the point of torture-
Consumption uncontrolled.
An endless hunger-never filled:
such soulless, grim desire.
Zombies are everywhere I go...
Yeah, I think that I'm gonna retire.

Lyrics Daniel Klawitter Music Ethan Keogh

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