Falls Carol

Story Behind The Song

An Artist not knowing how to love a person as much as they love art. The constant struggle to not dive head first into a relationship since you know when the time comes for music, it will take precedence over the one you love's needs.

Song Description

Live to dream

Song Length 5:13 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Adorable, Nervous Subject Joy, Fear
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead Language English
Era 2000 and later


Here she comes and there she goes
Maybe this is best left alone
But all these words they keep coming to me
I never set any free, so here I go

First thing she ought to know
Is I'm made up of just flesh and bones
And these strings they keep singing to me
I kind of need to wait and see where strings go

But I'd be by your side if your path filled with landmines
And I want you to know me

I carol lady
I'm feeling crazy
Hang on lady
And this carol might save me
And get me singing in the fall again

A lot to ask? Maybe so?
Off your clothes and down on you I will go
Cause your smile it keeps spinning me round
I hope it's gonna pick me up after knocking' me down

Cause I'm lost in your eyes and you broke all my brake lights
And I want you to know me

I carol lady
I'm feeling crazy
Hang on lady
Carol teach me.

Come on show me how!
If you don't I will discover it somehow
You don't stop back now baby
You were already going
When it's all done
Its seems unfair and your scared
And you're on your own

Lyrics Matthew Crafton Music Matthew Crafton
Producer Stewart Myers, BNZ Performance BNZ

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