The Cold Moon

Song Description

The moon will always be a reminder of a lost love.

Song Length 5:03 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Lost Love, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, The Cranberries Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Cold Moon by Marc Raco

When the moon is cold, like tonight.
Nothings right
And I won?t expect to see you with the sun
To morrow, tom morow.

When you shiver and shake like the trees,
And you freeze,
You can?t get warm because
Your heart was taken.
So you can?t stop shaking.

When the moon is cold,
Or so I?m told ,
It?s over
It?s over.

When I feel like the last time I smiled
Was as a child,
And I don?t expect to be laughing a gain,
Tom morow.
In my sorrow.

When light?s in your eyes and you?re blind,
Don?t you find
That you?ve lost your sense of touch and feeling , baby,
Don?t you see---
It just may be---

When the moon is cold,
Or so I?m told ,
It?s over
It?s over.
The cold cold moon.

(instrumental interlude)

Why give us a moon in the sky?
We never notice , so why?
It sits there lonely , a float in all the black.
And if you come back?.
It will always be there.
Reminding me?.
Of this.

When you looked at me last, why did I
Not notice in your eye,
The re flection of this lonely lunar lady,
And the moon.
It was too soon. To see.

When the moon is cold,
Or so I?m told ,
It?s over
It?s over.

It?s ooooooooooo---ver.

The cold-cold-cold-cold moon.
(repeats to end)

Lyrics Marc Raco Music Marc Raco
Producer Marc Raco Publisher Marc Raco
Performance Bobby Maville with Dawn Sargent, Laura Marron, Eve Cupini. Drums: Johnny Pasquarella, Guitar: Steve Fess, Bass Reggie Devers. Label from the Album

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