It's My Birthday

Story Behind The Song

Didn't want to hang out and party on my birthday... Realizing everyday we are getting older life is one big party!

Song Description

Song about birthdays...

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Rockabilly, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable, Worried Subject Birthdays, Other Holidays, Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Shania Twain, Phil Collins Language English
Era 2000 and later


It?s My Birthday
Written By: Sarah-DeAun McCrary

So what the clock is ticking away at me?
And everyone wants to celebrate and be happy?
I don?t wanna party and hang out late
Cause it?s my birthday Just cause it?s my birthday

Verse 1
When I was ten my mom through a big bash
Rewind it back when I was one, man I sure miss that.
Strawberry Short Cake on my birthday Cake cause it?s my


Verse 2
When I turned 21 my friend turned her back on me.
I didn?t want to hit the clubs I?d rather stay home and think.
Each card I got each card I get brings back old memories.
Another chapter another page (I?m feeling great but don?t ask my age.)


Every year it?s gonna come
You might work or take a vacation
Regardless of what life takes
Another year off your birthday cake

Chorus Change
What if the clock is ticking away at me?
And everyone wants to celebrate and be happy?
We?ll take one day out of the year
Give thanks to God that your still here

Like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday it?s your birthday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one day, It?s your birthday

Add lib vamp out

© 2006

Lyrics Sarah-DeAun Music Donovan McCrary
Producer Dark Matter Publisher ASCAP
Performance Blakk Plastick Label Montoya Records

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