Song Length 4:39 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Annoyed
Subject Determination, Breaking Up Similar Artists Lee Ann Womack
Language English Era 2000 and later


SUPERHERO (by Lee A. Davis)

Now I know you're very busy
busting heads and fighting crime,
But if you could just indulge me
with a moment of your time.
You can take off your cape, and your fancy boots,
Turn off your x-ray vision and hang up your spandex suit.
I realize you're busy, and I hate to complain,
But MY GOD, even Superman had Lois Lane.
I agree that you're amazing,
But baby here's the deal:
I don't want your money,
I don't need your strength of steel.
I just want you to feel.

You're a superhero
Can't be foolin' around.
Yeah, a superhero
And I'm still hangin' around.
You got so much - willpower.
But I'm stuck inside this tower.
And it's gettin' colder by the hour.
*While you're out - savin' the world.
You don't have to save me,
You just have to love me.

Now I'm certain you enjoy me,
'Cause I see it in your eyes
And when you let me touch you,
I can feel your sighs.
This might come as a shock,
But you could use some help, too.
And if you let go of me,
The real victim is you.
It must take so much strength to push me away,
When the civilian inside you still begs me to stay.
What is it that you're so determined to deny?
Would admitting you love me
Make it harder to fly?
Please tell me why.

[Repeat CHORUS]

Well it seems that you're not
Gonna beg me to stay.
So I guess, nevermind
Ah well, anyway...

I tried....and I'm tired of trying.
I cried...and I'm tired of crying.

So when you're looking in that spot
Where you left me on the shelf,
I won't be there.
I gave up and helped myself.
'Cause - guess what?
Here's a thing you never knew:
That's right - I'm a Superhero too.

[Repeat CHORUS to END]

Lyrics Lee A. Davis Music Lee A. Davis (instr. arrangement by Dean Miller)
Producer Dean Miller Publisher L.A.D. Music Publishing
Performance Drums: Grady Saxman, Bass: Eli Beaird, Electric: Justin Ostrander, Piano: Mike Rojas, Steel: Scotty Sanders, Acoustic: Danny Rader Label Lola Belle Records

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