Story Behind The Song

I was in Colorado springs and saw a homeless man begging for money on the side of the street and he inspired me to go home and think about the value of the time in our lives. Out of thought image came this song.

Song Description

This is a song about the realization that time is flying by always.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Moving Subject Life, Time
Similar Artists Jewel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Walking down the street today
Saw a man with a cardboard sign
His whole ife in a green canvas bag
Sure made me think about mine

Close my eyes and I can see so clear
Hold my breath and stop the world
Moving forward is my death near
I wanna live like it's the first day of my life

Cause time is racing
People are pacing
And life is rushing by
Can't stop it but I'll try

Wonder where that man has been
Wonder where he's going to now
Did the stress just get to him
Tried to take it but he didn't know how

Close my eyes and I can see so clear
Stop my breath and hold his world
Falling forward is his death near
Forced to live like it's the last day of his life

Chorus Repeat

Need to run
I want to play
I've got to work
And find time to pray
Meditate, alleviate
Make the stress just fade away

Chorus repeat

Lyrics Kathy Watson/New Pants Publishing Music Kathy Watson/New Pants Publishing
Producer Robert A. Case, Steve Avedis, Bobby Duhammel Publisher New Pants Publishing
Performance Kathy Watson (vocals), Michael Cone (guitar), Bobby Duhamel guitar, bass, vocals), Blake Eberhard (bass), Brian Mikolich (drums), Beth Avedis (backing vocals)
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