Be With Me Tonight

Song Description

A comedic, upbeat, fun song about a guy that that doesn't have a clue when it comes to girls.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Fun, Comedy, Funny Similar Artists Old Dominion, Darius Rucker
Language English Era 2000 and later


Be With Me Tonight. (comedy) ©2017 Joel Plimmer

You're sitting there with your girlfriends
I know you're waitin' for my move
But I'm on to your strategy
So I'll ignore you too
I've been noticin' you not noticin' me
I think I got it right
I know the more you shine me on
I'm gonna get my chance tonight

Do you want a
Proud man loud man
Gonna shout it out man
As bold as he can be
Or do you want a
Weak man meek man
Playing hide and seek man
Who needs your therapy
Do you want a rough man tough man
Never get enough man
Who's ready for a fight
Yeah I can be any one of these
If you'll be with me tonight
Yeah be with me tonight

I can tell you're really into me
Cause I'm really really into you
It's the way you look the other way
That lets me know you want me too
When you dance with your girlfriends
I know you're wishin' it was me
Girl I feel the same way too
Yeah you've got my sympathy

Do you want a
Smooth man groove man
Knows just how to move man
To spin you round the floor
Or do you want a
Heat man meat man
Underneath the sheet man
Who leaves you wantin' more
Do you want a sharp man smart man
Head without a heart man
Who knows he's always right
Yeah I can be any one of these
If you'll be with me tonight

I won't send you a drink
You're playing hard to get
I know how you think
You'd rather let that guy just buy you one
Just let him down easy when you're done
I know you wanna be right over here
You wanna wear my hat, you wanna drink my beer
Yeah c'mon girl, you know the night is young

So just relax
And take your time
The back of your head's just lookin' so fine
There ain't no rush
I got all night
'Cause you got me feelin' alright
You got the moves
You got the hair
You got those painted on jeans down there
But one thing you still really need
It's plain for everyone to see
Yeah you really wanna be with me

So do you want a sad man mad man
Wish I could have had man
Who doesn't know what to do
Or do you want a
Strong man song man
Like to get along man
Who's gonna take care of you
Do you want a dumb man stump man
Kinda Forrest Gump man
Whose bulb's never gonna light
Yeah I can be any one of these
'Cause I can tell you're so into me
So just be with me tonight
Yeah be with me tonight
I know you really want me
I know you really need me
Just be with me tonight

Lyrics Joel Plimmer Music Joel Plimmer
Producer Joel Plimmer Performance Adam Cunningham
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