Julie A. - Welcome To The World

Song Description

telling my son what it meant to me to have him in my life

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Love for Child
Language English Era 2000 and later


Welcome To The World
[Eckmans - Albers - Eckmans]

I cannot promise you a world of hapiness
I cannot guarantee that there will be no stress
But I'll try to teach you the things that I know best
I'll help you evervday put all your fears to rest.

Welcome to the world,
I'm so glad you came along.
There are not enough word to tell you how I felt
The day you came along.

I'll hold onto your hand and you'll hold onto mine
I'll try to help you through and together we'll be fine
Whenever you may need someone to come talk to
Whenever your heart will bledd, I'll be there for you


I will want to shelter you and protect you so
I will want to hold you near but I will let you grow
Always try to show you what you really mean to me
And watching as you grow be the person you're meant to be


Sometimes you'll loose a race, sometimes you will fall down
But you'll get right back up, you will carry on

CHORUS to fade

Lyrics T. A. Eckmans - Julie Albers Music T. A. Eckmans
Producer T. Ace Publisher JJJ Music,inc. - Romanem Music
Performance Julie Albers - Vocals, T. Ace - Guitars, K. Lygoan, Bass, T. A> Eckmans - Piano, P. Atio - Drums

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