White Picket Fences

Song Description

Hindsight look at life

Song Length 3:15 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Hear, Listening, Ears
Language English


White Picket Fences
Jerry Tegethoff
I grew up near a farm / A little house behind the barn/ It stands to this day
Now there are telephone poles instead of trees / a subdivided identity

around a farmers old grave / I remember back in the day there were /

White picket fences running along side shade trees / oh those

White picket fences are gone now like me

There was a buckeye tree in the side yard / where Pappy Smith was leaning on a

A homemade cane / that he used for eyes / You wouldn?t think he?s blind

98 steps to cross the lane / to tap a rock with his cane/

Then south bound count 40 posts / to the place he loved to go

Its a garden he weeds by hand / Just his God and Him

And up in the sky / He could hear an eagles cry / by those /

White picket fences running along side shade trees/

White picket fences that are gone now like me

He was my first best friend / I could ask him anything/ an he knew why/

Understood the circle of life / I was young my life had just begun/ He was old an his was almost done

On the day he died / he took his first limo ride past
White picket fences running along side shade trees /

White picket fences are gone now like me

Lyrics Jerry Tegethoff Music Jerry Tegethoff
Producer Jerry Tegethoff Publisher Jerry Tegethoff
Performance Jerry Tegethoff Label Jerry Tegethoff

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