Need You In My Lifeboat

Story Behind The Song

This a somewhat autobiographical...going throught some tuff life experiences and good friends have really stepped up. I challenged myself to use the sea/sailing metaphores but not go over the edge into corny territory - hope I succeeded.

Song Description

Everyone needs a true friend when times are tough.

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject Pain, Hope
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band, The Alan Parsons Project Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Some friends are good for a couple of laughs
Lots of good times - not built to last
Sometimes I need more than fun
A circle of friends who'll bleed as one

Been together through thick and thin
Seen the glory - seen the sin
Now on the horizon cloudy skies arising
Into troubled waters we all go

A lonely sailor out at sea
I need a true friend next to me
A wild wave has hit the bow
I need you in m lifeboat now

The day has come to call on you
Let's row and bale as a single crew
Throw me a line as the ocean swells
An we'll get through this living Hell

Dangers of the deep show jagged teeth
Rocks tear'in from behind
The tide's arising bent on surviving
We ride this dragon to the end

A lonely sailor out at sea
I need a true friend next to me
A wild wave has hit the bow
I need you in my lifeboat now

My life is in your hands
Come aboard mate so we can
Stay safe, far from pain
Help me sail through my hurr-i-cane!

All hands inlisted, be'in tosses and twisted
Strain together and pull for shore
We've won this battle with tested mettle
But the storm has passed for now

No more alone out at sea
I've got a true friend next to me
A wild wave has hit the bow
I've got you in my lifeboat now

Well written insightful tunes performed in a way that reminds me why I love the blues...

Lyrics Francesco Bonifazi Music Francesco Bonifazi
Producer Francesco Bonifazi Publisher Francesco Bonifazi
Performance Francesco Bonifazi Label Whistling Troubadour Music

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