Running Red

Song Description

Marriage is in the "danger zone"

Song Length 4:00 Genre Blues - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Marriage, Heartbreak
Language English



The end is nearing
Pain is searing
The light had flickered then it dimmed
Oh, then it dimmed

I'll take the blame
One more time
Over and over and over again
Just stop spreading the pain
Oh, I'll take the blame

Honey, we're running, running red, blood red
(Running, running, running)
Why don't you lay your weapons down?
Why won't you lay your weapons down
Let' stop running red, blood red

3 am , wandering the hallway again
Watching the flickering streetlight, swallowed in the rain
Oh, swallowed in rain

Crumbling, stumbling, lying on the floor
Laying down impressions of our love
Cold, cold to the core
You keep the credit cards, I'll take the cash"
Baby no, Baby no, don't let our love burn down to smoking ash
Lay your weapons down.

Honey, we're running, running red, blood red
(Running, running, running)
Why don't you lay your weapons down?
Why won't you lay your weapons down
Stop running red, blood red

Bluesy voice. Solid recording.

I like the feel and the instrumentation is really engaging... leans more R&B than Blues to me, but it is unique with the bules feel and more smooth instrumentation of R&B.... Hypnotic and easy to listen to .... definitely would have a place in a movie scene or TV show scene... setting mood over the right montage/scene.... I like it, lots of skill.

Nice smooth sound. Great vocal.

This song is everything the blues should be......emotional, weary, POWERFUL!!! The playing and singing are top level!! I hardly ever give a 5 for lyrics but this did it!! AWESOME!!!

Very earthy and well done piece with really good vocals and instrumentation. A piece that is very easy on the ears.

the atmospheric quality is wonderful and a lovely recording.

Very sweet and dark bluesy piece/ Sultry vocals. Sweet stereo tremolo Rhodes cues a very cool arrangement.

Very moody and sultry blues , down so far it's on the ground and begging for mercy. Nice guitar tone.

This is recorded well and the lead and background vocals work well together. The arrangement of instruments add interest and provide a good vehicle for the vocals.

Very cool feel on intro. Really like the harmonies. Tasty guitar.

This song could crossover into country 4:04 it's a little long for might want to consider doing a radio edit to make it around 3:15 or 3:30 which will increase your chances of success...You could also speed it up a few more bpm's which will help shorten it...melodically it's very well crafted...The vocal is very well done...great stylistic delivery...great pitch...great instrumentation...strong arrangement...there's a lot here to interest a music supervisor looking for a blues vocal song for a movie or tv show...

a dark spooky bluesy track. i liked the style a lot. very interesting track. backing music was great. vocals had a cool style .

Love the soulful voice, sounds to the ears like velvet feels to the touch. This is a blues song, but easily could cross over into other genres.

Lyrics Janet Murphy Music Janet Murphy
Performance Vocals Janet Murphy, guitarists Danny Cowan and Dave Long
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