Out of Step

Story Behind The Song

Milo Black of England had me to listen to this song he wrote. Needed alot of rewriting, but I was very turned on by it. I ended up writing most of the lyrics, making a chorus out of what was initially just an instrumental part, adding some piano, and ch

Song Description

Feeling out of step with the world, like I'm a pair of brown shoes, and the world is a black tuxedo. "Too much emotion, too raw and open"

Song Length 4:34 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Troubled Subject Frustration, Sorrow
Language English Era 2000 and later

Fell in love with this voice. Gorgeous voice for blues.

Don't usually listen to the blues, but looking for outside inspiration. This was great!
I was so curious how the vocals were going to get my attention with the loud intro - with a whisper - fantastic! And it kept my attention all the way through.

Love love loved the harmonies! Great job! The instrumentation was very nice. Talk about everything meshing together perfectly! Great job!

Beautiful mood and great vocals, wonderful job, great musicianship and arrangement, The best part is all the dynamics, up and down, I just love dynamics. Just great!

Very moody bluesy tune with shades of Janis and Big Brother, nice playing overall, very tasty guitar playing.

This has a very nice feel, the lead guitar fits and is performed very well. The vocal quality is good and establishes a nice mood.

First thing that came to mind was Gary Moore, nicely done! Great musicianship up and down on this one. Love the harmonies.

Hi I have just finished listening to your song, I enjoyed it, nice vocals and melody. Some nice things on the arrangement as well... I liked the back up vocal ideas and the distortion guitar lines coming in and out. Lyrics are very nice too.

good for a sound track

Excellent instrumentation & orchestration with a strong melody. Love that lead guitar. The lyrical content is strong and very well articulated. Would like to hear more!

Great song ! Love the vocals & guitar work!

Powerful sounding ballad. Interesting vocal, the vocal style has a distinctive and original quality to it which is very pleasing to the ear. Nice soulful instrumentation. Nice to hear good quality synth pads in the background. Good contrast between the gritty elec guitar and the soft background instrumentation.

heavyish blues guitar beginning before it goes into a laid back cool style. nice laid back blues very smokey room coolness to it
good lead guitar and music

Great production

Good guitar playing and energy. Nice accompaniment from the guitars. Nice vocal sound and vocal quality. Good harmonies also.

Instrumentation is full and interesting. arrangement done well.

I liked it. Nice melody, nice vocals. somewhat original melody and I liked the lyrics

Lyrics Janet Murphy and Milo Black Music Milo Black and Janet Murphy
Performance Milo Black and Janet Murphy
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Peter Kendall Broadjam Music 4/5/2022

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