Buffalo man

Song Length 4:20 Genre Rock - Classic, Folk - Traditional


Buffalo man , like the dry summer sand , soaked by the rain of the winter , waiting on spring.
Struck by a stone, left staring at stars, it gets till you wonder if ever there was a cause.
Grab my hand bill if you hear me me. Because I hate to lose some one so dear to me.
Buffalo man like the warm summer sands, I walked in the fields as a child to be just like you.
Once where the days , now a faint foggy haze. Outlaws and gangsters , comrades and partners in crime.
Grab my arm now , I am drifting. I got much to high I'm afraid, I should leave.
Buffalo man were like bones in the sand , buried by dust were are self's own worst enemy.
Buffalo man recall if you can all the times together we spent in a daze.

Lyrics johnson Music johnson
Producer johnson

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