Wake Up (2013)

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - Classic


You better wake up, wake up from your dream
You better lay down, lay your gun to sleep
You better read up, read up on what's bringing you so down

I bought a record, I bought a record at the store
I shot a leopard, I shot a leopard in the war
And the Grim Reaper is rapping gently on my chamber door

Thus quote the raven, "Never never-more"
Thus quote the maiden, "Never never-more"
When I'm in Heaven, I think I'll leave my mojo at the door

I heard they broke up, when I was breaking up the ice
They had a break-in, in the middle of the night
It was a party, I'm sorry that it ended in a fight

I got the message, I got the message that you called
I read the writing, I read the writing on the wall
I feel the spirit, the spirit of a wild animal

I got a postcard, it came to me from France
I read the letters, they put me in a trance
And I thank Lord Shiva, I didn't think I'd get another chance

I tried to settle, I got swept up in a flood
I got a medal for swimming through the mud
I slayed the dragon, I felt that I just had to spill its blood

I better wake up, wake up from my dream
I better lay down, lay my gun to sleep
I better read up, read up on what's bringing me so down

We better wake up, wake up from our dream
We better lay down, lay our gun to sleep
We better read up, read up on what's bringing us so down

Lyrics Gregg Eisenberg Music Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Gregg Eisenberg
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