Sour Grapes

Song Length 4:31 Genre Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerless Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sour Grapes (Make Bitter Wine)
©2000 ? George Bancroft ? BMI

Verse: It was a rough road we were travelin? on
Ran through a dry field we farmed too long
With only bad seed ? and bad seed was sewn
Now your memory ? it?s just a vision I see
Of the good love you gave to me
And it?s a hard thing ? but your memory?s all I know

Chorus: How have you been babe ? I bet you?re doin? fine
But you know ? sour grapes make bitter wine

Verse: How?s your new life ? I haven?t seen you around
How?s your old man ? is he still draggin? you down
You must be crazy ? you?re so happy when you?re sad
I hear your old friends they?re all married or gone
I guess for you now ? it won?t be long
You?ll go the same way ? you know leavin? can?t be bad


Verse: I?ve gotta run now It?s been good seein? you
We ain?t changed much ? I?m still me and you?re still you
And that?s a hard thing ? a hard thing but it?s true

Chorus: And I know how you?ve been babe
It seems you?re always doin? fine
But you know ? sour grapes make bitter wine
They?re only sweet while they?re still growin? on the vine
Sour grapes make bitter wine

Lyrics George Bancroft Music George Bancroft

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