Got To Learn

Song Description

this is about a totally cold relationship and the woman's resignation & final solution to it

Song Length 4:04 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Cool Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Television
Similar Artists The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Warren Zevon Language English
Era 2000 and later


well I believed in this institution
patiently waited for your contribution
but when it never came baby
I just resigned myself
to a life of benign coexistance
put up no fight-no show of resistance
to wind up drinkin' alone
while my love sat on a shelf

if all you can do is abuse it
I'm takin' back my love
you don't use it
I need a rock solid love
something that I can feel
when you told me this was just a mistake
was that a test to see how much I'd take?
an eye for an eye darlin'
let me know how this makes you feel

I can't imagine what it is you're thinkin'
'cause I'm the best thing that you've ever had
baby your cold indifference
is just about to drive me mad
you should have waded into the fire
but you stood there and just watched me burn
now what I got to teach ya, is a lesson you got to learn
just got to learn

I won't even roll off the throttle
when I high ball right out your door
you stung me for the last time my baby
ain't gonna let you hurt me no more
I know you won't even miss me
you won't even notice that I'm gone
if I turn out the lights, and leave that TV on
I don't think you'rre even gonna miss me
no you won't even notice that I'm gone
'cause I'll turn out the lights and leave that wide screen TV on...

Lyrics Francine Calo Music Francine Calo
Producer Francine & Paul Calo Publisher Francine Calo
Performance Francine Calo Band Label Fuzzbutt Productions

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