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One for the homeless

Song Length 4:15 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Don't Pass Me By © Earl Webb

We had a house; we had a car, I had my pocket money in the jar and then
Dad got sick, he lost his pay, they came and took the house away
And for a little while I stayed with friends but, they just couldn't make ends, meet
Mum couldn't cope with losing her home
Now they're both dead, I'm on my own

Please don't think so bad of me
I'm not what I appear to be
I really am worth caring for
Don't close your eyes, don't shut the door, don't pass me by, don't pass me by

I'll be sleeping in the park again, gotta sheet of plastic for the rain
And a pair of boots with a hole in the sole, and I got my spoon and I got my bowl
The angels of the soup kitchen serving stew, if you wanna get fed then you join the queue
I don't beg for sympathy
Just a little love and a cup of tea

Please don't think so bad of me
I'm not what I appear to be
I really am worth caring for
Don't close your eyes, don't shut the door, don't pass me by, don't pass me by

(Repeat chorus to fade)

©Earl.C.Webb 2012 ifandwhenmusic

Good solid song , full of emotion .

Very touching and sentimental take on a very serious subject. Very well put-together piece. Tone of the vocals is absolutely perfect for the subject matter, as is the instrumentation.

Love the hook and message of the song, as well as the authenticity of the vocal performance. Lyrics are top notch throughout, in my opinion. The overall mood of instrumentation and arrangement is very cool also. Reminds me of Paul Simon or Billy Joel, both of which I like. It's also cool how you snuck the accordion in there, cool accent!

interesting song and subject matter. like the vocal very much and the use of instruments throughout is very interesting. like the accordion motif which is unexpected. lyrics are very strong. instrumentation is good keeps within the folk genre but has a contemporary edge.

Beautiful piano part. Great arrangement. Do I Hear an accordion. Great harmony. This song sounds like a hybrid a little Country/Folk/Bluegrass. The production is top shelf. Very unique sounding tune. The bass playing very subtle and yet it stands out. Great mix. I can hear that you have a lot little elements happening in this song, which really adds to how engaging the tune is. Great job!!!

Good story conveyed in good conversational lyrics.
More is happening in the musical back drop than is heard at first take..You have included alot in this number. It grows on you as it passes by...nice job!

YOU MADE ME CRY!.....I can''t remember ever reviewing a song that brought me to tears....The song was sooooo wonderful.....I hope this was not your story! Everything about this was spot on.I am sorry this song is all to real for many.....

My husband and I were in our car and saw an old man walking on the street, my husband stopped and said too this man "You look like you could use this" and gave him a 20 dollar bill.....Did he need it? We don't know. Maybe some day I may need that help

A nice time signature and great instrumentation! NPR candidate for sure!!!

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