Voodoo Moon

Story Behind The Song

This song was adapted from a supposed true story as told to Stevie DuPree by a since departed blues man down in the French Quarter in 1971.

Song Description

Voodoo and other strange happenings in New Orleans

Song Length 4:52 Genre Blues - Modern, Folk - Cajun
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Worry, Moon Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



Look over my shoulder, please, and tell me what you see
Must be them Hellhounds chasin? after me
I been hidin? in the shadows but the shadows want me, too
Goin? down to find that Chalmette woman
Get her to tell me what to do

I must have really wronged somebody bad
For them to want to end my life so soon
Tree and noose to take whatever life I?ve had
Softly swinging ? Under the Voodoo Moon

Someone has cursed me with a Black Cat bone
I feel so cold and so all alone
Mix me a potion, please, to stop this now
And I?ll pay you back some day, some way, some how

If you?ll just help me, I promise that I?ll change
I?ll walk the line ? I?ll sing a different tune
A haunting melody so sweet and yet so strange
Softly singing ? Under the Voodoo Moon
Under the Voodoo Moon
Under the Voodoo Moon
Under the Voodoo Moon

Music by Don Merritt
Lyrics by Stevie DuPree
DosOlDudes Music 2004

Lyrics Stevie DuPree Music Don Merritt
Publisher DosOlDudes Music
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