Seeing is Believing

Story Behind The Song

I created this song to enter it in the XBox Soundtracks competition. (Sadly it never made it that far) I created it for the "TOMB RAIDER- LEGEND" game trailer. The trailer had the words "SEEING IS BELIEVING" in it so I decided to create a song using these words as lyrics.

Song Description

A relationship gone bad because of Broken promises! He promises he'll do it, but never does! and no matter how hard you try to make it work, things just get worse, u just can't change him. So you got say "BYE! BYE!"

Song Length 2:08 Genre R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Uptight, Disconcerted Subject Frustration, Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


Need my own space
It?s about time
I let you know
You have to go
I?ll find my own way
?Round this mess
You left behind
With no regrets

Been halfway ?round the world
I?m wondering will it ever work

Cause you not around
You always lie
Say you?ll never leave
Then you go say Bye Bye
Stop playing games
Don?t mess with me
I?ll never believe a word you say

Seeing is Believing
When I see it
I?ll believe it
Don?t promise me you?ll do it
When you know you never will
Seeing is believing
When I see it
I?ll believe it
Don?t promise me you?ll do it
Cause I know you never will

So much stronger
I fight alone
Not the pretty face you think you really know
And I?ve discovered
Who I am & what you are
Is something I can?t change
And what you promised me will never be
All your lies and how you treated me


? 2007 Diane L Devar, All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Diane L Devar Music Diane L Devar
Performance Diane L Devar, Clinton A Devar

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