Stormy Weather/Can't Help Lovin That Man

Story Behind The Song

I got the idea to put these two slow, melancholy classic jazz standards together and make them into a happy blues rhythm with trumpet and harmonica, one day when I was just singing around the house and they both sort of came out. I love the feel of these two songs in this arrangement especially the ending, which is really sassy.

Song Description

I arranged these two sultry jazz standards with a more fun, almost happy upbeat sound, and put them both to a hip bluesy beat which makes them very different sounding from the originals. I think you'll agree that these two songs pair great together along with a fine glass of wine :-).

Song Length 4:23 Genre Blues - Chicago, Jazz - Standards
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Annoyed Subject Happiness, Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists Ella Fitzgerald, Linda Ronstadt Era 1940 - 1949


Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky,
Stormy weather, Since my man and I ain't together,
Keeps rainin all the time...
Life is bare, gloom and misery everywhere,
Stormy weather, I just can't get my poor self together
I'm weary all the time.

When he goes away, well, that's a rainy day,
And when he comes back that day is fine,
The sun will shine.

Can't go on, everything I had is gone,
Stormy weather, since my man and I ain't together,
Keeps rainin' all the time,
It's stormin all the time, all the time!

Fish, they gotta swim, and birds got to fly,
I got to love one man till I die,
Can't help a lovin that man of mine.
Tell me he's lazy and tell me he's slow,
Tell me I'm crazy and maybe I know.
Can't help a lovin that man of mine.

When he went away, the blues walked in and met me,
If he stays away old rocking chair will get me,
All I do is pray the Lord above will let me,
Walk in the sun once more.

He can come home as late as can be,
A home without him, ain't no home to me,
Can't help lovin' that man of...
Keeps rainin' all the time
Keeps rainin' all the time,
It keeps on stormin' all the time
That man is BAD!

Very nice cover of one of the greatest songs or all time. Spot on perfect in every way. Love your voice, the horn sections, the harmonica...great recording and mixing....nicely mastered track.
Great job all around.....thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work.

You must be getting tired of me heaping praise on you but I can't help it...I'm a fan...I gave you a 5 on originality because of the freshness of how you sang and arranged this old gave it a new pair of shoes...very smooth vocal...perfect pitch and delivery...great sounding band...interesting horn lines...loved the big band treatment from the downbeat to the end

What's NOT to love! Beautifully done all around, from horn arrangements and harmonica, to vocalist who reminds me of my sister (which is a good thing I assure you) Production is also top notch.

Love the old school sound and feel to this song. Singer has a great voice!! Horns are working perfectly with the feel of this song.

nice cover of the classic stormy weather, great vocals. great music backing. and arrangement , liked the harmonica
all in all a classy version ,

Great version of the original.

LOVE IT!--PERFECT !----super, all the way around !--thanxs--NJ.

This is a cabaret/lounge type song. Not my style, but really well done. Great vocals and trumpet.

Very On rendition. Thanks. Great jazz vox and back ups sweet. Band is tight and fun.

Lyrics H. Arlen & T. Koehler, Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein Music Same arranged by Deborah Wedekind
Producer Troy Warren Jr. Publisher none
Performance Deborah Wedekind Label Diva Prince Productions
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