Change the World by DeDe

Story Behind The Song

Instrumental song with 3 distinct parts, 2 distinct melodies. A song about life: beginning, middle and ending truimphantly changing the world. by Deborah DeDe Wedekind, copyright 2013

Song Description

This song starts out slowly and has haunting tenderness, then it moves into a more joyful medium beat, and at 2:45 it starts to rock into a exuberant and energetic sound.

Song Length 4:13 Genre World - World Beat, World - World Beat
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Exultant, Restless Subject Courage, Pride
Similar Artists Elton John, Adele Language No Language
Era 2000 and later


None- Instrumental version and Based on DeDe's original song, 'One Child', from World of Christmas, copyright 2013
This song has 3 distinct parts/sounds that build to the ending:

Part 1: soft and light, very simple, melodic and pretty
Part 2: some light rhythm is introduced to a sweet sounding melody
Part 3: Driving world beat rock drums and guitar combine with fiddle and electric bass guitar, with more of a tribal beat at the ending.

Lyrics none Music Deborah L Wedekind
Producer Jeff Bova, Grammy Winner Publisher Diva Prince Publishing-Independent
Performance DeDe Wedekind Label Diva Prince Productions
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