You Carried Me

Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - Religious, Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Verse 1
Standing at the crossroads with no direction in mind
I turned to the left and for that you cried
Alone and bereft I left faith behind
As the storm approached I looked back now blind
I saw through the clouds and then heard a voice
Leave me now I am the product of choice

Verse 2
Looking up a hill with no end in sight
A forest of challenges and soon will come night
Alone and bereft I leave faith to chance
I sink into despair and take my last breath
The stars in the sky shine on this night
As a voice whispers to me you'll be alright

I've come to the river it's time to decide
Will I cross or stay put what's on the other side
I'm not alone and feel stringer than before
Is it faith of chance tell me what's this life for
Then a voice cries out you know what to do
If not lean back on me and I'll carry you

You carried me
Though I did not ask
You carried me
Through the darkest pass
You carried me
When I was weak
You carried me
Though I didn't believe
You carried me..............

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