The Mystic Ones --single version

Story Behind The Song

What a Looooooooong, Straaaaaaange Trip it's been (to paraphrase ANOTHER song!). The instrumental was done in early 1985 (the recording 'sounds it', too!), while the lyrics and vocal performance came over 6 years later in '91. And, it sat patiently in

Song Description

A song about your basic, everyday local witch, warlock, psychic,!

Song Length 3:46 Genre R & B - Funk, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Cool Subject Power, Magic
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


I cast my spell all over you
And bring you down to your knees
Then you worship me and treat me like a god
And let me do what I please
You call it "magic", I call it "science"
It's something you won't understand
Your puny minds only bother me--
I'm a Mystic, but still, I'm a Man!
Your minds need some expanding
For your ignorance is begaulling
The Mystic Ones walk among you
In numbers you'll find appaling
If you want your palm 'read', then I'll cut it!
I don't believe in stupid schlock!
I'm more than a 'Wizard'; I'm a Male Witch--
To my Sisters, I'm a Stud, but to you, I'm a 'Warlock'!

What do you want to know?
How to make it snow?
Or do you need to learn
How to make a pool of water burn?

You say you're not getting sex?
Well, what you need is the proper hex!
I can vanish from here
Reappear there
I have Brothers and Sisters who can walk on the air
I can shut down time.......
So that One Second can seem like Forty Years
You wan to be a Mystic?
Well, I'm the right man to take away your fears!

Earth, Air, Water, Wind, Fire and Ice--
Nature is our device
We can bend it (Break it!)
Destroy it (Make it!)
It's a Science and a Art
So I won't forsake it!

There's a Sister of mine who commands the Skies
To make it sunny, she smiles
To make it rain, she cries
But when she's angry at mortal men
She calls on Thunder, Lightning and Lethal Wind
And there's a Brother of min who commands the Seas
He has the power to destroy disease
It's very simple, yet very grave--
All it takes is a massive Tidal Wave
We're everywhere, don't you understand!
We walked among you since Time began
Soothsayers, Witches
Warlocks, Wizards
Shaimans, Sorcerers
High Priests and Priestesses!

You call it "magic", I call it "science"
To some, it is an "art"
Mysticism is everywhere
It was here right from the start
The Mystic Ones are like Scinetists--
Our Work Is Never Done
But, unlike the 'scinetific folk'--
We'll Be Here Long After They're Gone! (REPEAT)

---Lawrence Wise
(c)1985, 1991, 2006 Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
--All Rights Reserved--

Lyrics Lawrence Wise Music Lawrence Wise
Producer Lawrence Wise Publisher Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
Performance Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra Label Starcase Rec. Co., Ltd.
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